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Maui-Made Beach Furniture

Aloha, I'm Kurt Mervis

A local Maui wood-working craftsman

Maui Cabana Works started about 15 years ago and was the result of my job history on Maui…3 years in construction, 18 years in the furniture business, and 16 years in the resort industry on Ka’anapali beach (the furniture and resort careers overlapped for a few years).

When the resort that I worked for was in need of new wooden beach cabanas, I bid the job, secured the contract and constructed my first fleet of cabanas. Those first 30 cabanas allowed me to see first-hand the effects of weather and everyday use and what parts of my design needed to be changed. The cabanas pictured here are the results of my observations and improvements in the original design. These cabanas are built to standards that will best stand the harsh conditions that 24/7 beachfront usage can produce. Doing business with Maui Cabana Works will insure that your property is getting the finest wooden beach cabanas available…and delivery anywhere on Maui is free!

Mahalo for supporting local business!

Kurt and Eline Mervis

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